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The owls aren’t what they seem. 

Heavy, trippy beat sampling Julee Cruise - Falling.

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I know I wasn’t planning on tumbling anymore, but I have friends in Turkey and this is important.

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mysteryhibou said: So? What's your top 12 favorite songs ever?

Twelve is such a strange number, and I’m definitely forgetting some. But here goes. Questionable at best.

1.    Kim and Jessie - m83
2.    Don’t Know Why - Norah Jones
3.    Zelda’s Lullaby - Ocarina of Time
4.    By Torpedo or Crohns - Why?
5.    Despite What You’ve Been Told - Two Gallants 
6.    Feel It All Around - Washed Out
7.    Générique - Miles Davis 
8.    Five Years - David Bowie 
9.    Jude Law and a Semester Abroad - Brand New
10.  Beth/Rest - Bon Iver
11.  Since I Been Lovin You - Led Zeppelin
12.  God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

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i am the lost generation

New Tumblr, with a theme. Go follow maybe.

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Done tumblin’.

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XXYYXX - About You [directed by VASH] HD (by vashwhat)


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Top 10 Albums of 2012

My Top 10 Albums of 2012. This was really hard to put together, since 2012 has been such a weird year for me and music. I feel like all of these albums deserved some sort of small review/justification for including them. Any comments are welcome, and if you want to check out some of my favorite songs from each release, check out the mediafire link for my ‘Best of 2012 Playlist’ at the bottom of the page. Thanks guys!

1. Beach House - Bloom


This is by far my favorite album put out by Beach House yet. From the first few bars of ‘Myth,’ to the flowing ‘On The Sea’/’Irene’, they managed to create an atmosphere and mood that seemed like the culmination of everything dream pop had been trying to convey for the last four years. The nostalgia inducing hooks and lush production found their way right into my heart - and honestly I can’t even think of an album to compete for my favorite album of the year.

2. Why? - Mumps, etc.


I love Why?. Though Alopecia will probably always be my favorite thing Yoni Wolf has ever done, I can’t deny that some of the songs on the latest release were damn awesome. Yoni’s flow, while noticeably more coherent and clear, was better than ever. The beats took cues from some of my favorite styles of hip hop, while still maintaining Josiah Wolf’s penchant for folk instrumentation and Yoni’s arrhythmic unevenness. For a while, when it came out, I had no desire to listen to anything else. Stand Out Tracks: ‘Paper Hearts’, ‘Sod in the Seed’, ‘White English.’

3. Crystal Castles - III


I had a tough time getting into Crystal Castles until after II was released. When I finally gave them a fair chance however, I found a new inspiration for production technique and a whole library of glitchy pop sensibility. III is a natural continuation of this, but overall feels way more streamlined - the glitch aspects fit together nicely, the song structure is often predictable. It’s hard to argue that this is an innovative album for Crystal Castles, but even harder to ignore that fact that it sounds good. Hip Hop and rave are obviously huge influences, and I have to say the beats on tracks like ‘Pale Flesh’ and “Affection” pulled me in right away, after the big hip hop kick I was on earlier in the year.

4. Lana Del Rey - Born to Die


Lana Del Rey may have killed indie music in 2012, but I don’t really mind. There’s hardly anything I can say about this album that hasn’t been said already after the enormous backlash she’s been receiving all year. I’ve been a fan of Lana Del Rey since early 2011, before the collagen lip arguments and authenticity debates. Back then, all I knew of her were sultry jazz vocals, a girl next door appeal and the heavily filtered music vid for the song ‘Video Games.’  Maybe I’m biased, but Born to Die was released at just the right time. In a year that was all YOLO and Mayan Apocalypse, Del Rey’s lush synths and strings, dark trip hop beats and narcissistic vocals (likely sung through a smirk and a bite of her lip) neatly packaged the seven deadly sins into a relatable, accessible and relevant package. It’s an evil album full of indulgence, greed, pride and lust. Instead of making you feel creeped out or dirty, like the r&b phenom The Weeknd, or the recent witchhouse trend, Born to Die is full of temptation. 

I don’t really care what anyone else has to say about Lana Del Rey - Born to Die blends my favorite style of female vocals, dream pop elements, trip hop beats, and a dark, over-the-top sense of seductive excess for one of my favorite albums in recent memory.

5. Two Gallants - The Bloom and The Blight


Two Gallants has always been a folk band for me. Sure, songs like ‘Las Cruces Jail’ have shown off their punk/rock side, but it’s always been the sprawling, depressed ballads paired with Tyson Vogel’s melodic drumming style that stuck with me. After Adam Stephens released his first solo effort, I was resigned to never hear a new Two Gallants album. When The Bloom and the Blight was released after a five year hiatus, I almost didn’t recognize what was once my favorite band. Like a running into a former friend with a new haircut, I was taken aback by the countable rhythms and heavily distorted folk punk found through much of the album. After a few listens, however, the melodic quality of Vogel’s drums and folky song structure began to shine through behind the punk rock attitude that had always been there. The Bloom and The Blight is nothing earth shattering for fans, but it’s refreshing to hear two extremely talented musicians still making an authentic and cohesive album in 2012. One that doesn’t sound like much else out there.

6. Good Old War - Come Back As Rain


Good Old War’s harmonies are among the best I’ve ever heard. With the production of Come Back As Rain, Keith Goodwin, Tim Arnold and Daniel Schwartz sound better than ever. That being said, I had a hard time making up my mind about this album. While the previous two albums managed to convey their live experience pretty damn well, this album was extremely well produced and simply put, sounds great. It took some time getting used to, but essentially behind the ‘lush’ production of Come Back As Rain is some of Good Old War’s strongest songwriting to date. ‘Amazing Eyes’ makes me cry every time I hear it, ‘Better Weather’ is one of the best upbeat folk songs I’ve heard in a long time, and ‘Loud Love’ is as much fun to listen to on the album as it is to sing along with the guys at the end of a GOW show. 

7. sloslylove - Secret Dreams


It’s hard to peg sloslylove’s releases down to a single ‘best album’ of 2012, simply because of the quantity and nature of his bedroom produced beats put out this year. Secret Dreams won out only because I found myself listening to it on repeat. It’s short, dramatic, and easy to play all the way through (over and over again.) Some of the best memories of my life were played out to this LP. I would put on Secret Dreams, smoke out of my apartment window and go for a walk on the cobblestoned streets of Firenze. Listening to it now, I can still smell the hard Italian tapwater and picture details of a city I fell in love with, but haven’t thought about in months. And in the end, isn’t that what the best music is about - creating memories, evoking emotions and soundtracking the best times of your life. Slosly’s sound makes it very easy to turn even the seemingly uneventful moments of your life into lifelong memories, and therefore he certainly deserves a spot on this list.

8. Miguel - Kaleidoscope Dream


It’s hard to talk about Miguel without mentioning Frank Ocean and The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye. While not as prolific as Ocean or Tesfaye, Miguel fits nicely into the contemporary r&b niche. He doesn’t quite have the seductive allure of The Weeknd, or the artsy appeal of Ocean. What Miguel does offer is a fun sound. I dont’ feel as dirty or guilty after singing along to ‘The Thrill,’ which reminds me of late m83 with its big chorus and rumbling synths. Even the darker, guitar heavy ‘Arch and Point.’ doesn’t really make me feel as sleazy anything on The Weeknd’s discography. And after a year of some really heavy shit on the r&b front, the simple fact that Kaleidoscope Dream was accessible meant that it managed to find it’s way onto my playlist more often than Channel Orange or any other r&b release this year.

9. The xx - Coexist


I listened to xx a bit when it was released - I really got into ‘Intro’ and ‘Crystalized.’ I knew of Jamie xx as a producer, and his album with the late Gil Scott Heron was a fun listen last summer. In many ways, Coexist was similar. ‘Angels’ was a great single, and the rest of the album was really just an extension of the track for me. But the album as a whole really impressed me, which a lot of music failed to do this year. In a true Jamie xx fashion, he used minimalism to his advantage, creating a deep atmosphere with sparse instrumentation. And that’s the most notable aspect of The xx’s sophomore release - a recognizable style that Jamie xx claimed as his own.

10. Justin Bieber - Believe


I didn’t want to defend this album. But the truth is, in a year where Lana Del Rey killed Indie music, m83 became a pop band and a bunch of guys who used to be in The Format rose to the top of the charts, I became a Belieber. Granted, I still harbor as much disstate for the 18 year old brat as always. But the songwriting, production, and overall structure of Believe made it the best pop album of the year. ‘Boyfriend’ channelled Justin Timberlake and ‘Wait (The Whisper Song)’ into a radio friendly jam that was way too much fun to sing to ladies. ‘Beauty and the Beat’ had everything I could want in a Max Martin club banger. Even 14 year old Jaden Smith’s verse in ‘Fairytale’ left me impressed.  In the back of our mind, where everyone was thinking of the small chance that the world might really end….Believe was fun. For that, it makes this list.

Worth Mentioning:

Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city

Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

Taylor Swift - Red

The Beach Boys - That’s Why God Made the Radio

DJ Drama - Quality Street Music

Grizzly Bear - Shields

Best of 2012 Playlist | mediafire

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